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The island of Crete is divided in four prefectures, the largest of which is Heraklion prefecture with 50% of the region's population. The city of Heraklion is also the capital and the administrative centre of the island. Chania is the second largest city and its prefecture hosts 25% of the population of Crete.
Crete is a peripheral region, including both rural and urban areas, and has a polycentric structure with four main cities: Herakion, Chania, Rethymnon and Aghios Nikolaos. The majority of the population and all the main cities are located along Crete's north coast; as a result, the north axis of the island is more developed in comparison to the south.
Regarding the spatial dispersion of business, there are two main business centres: the Industrial Area of Heraklion and the Small Industries Park in Chania. Apart from these two areas, business is dispersed all over the island, without a clear pattern of concentration.

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